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Feb. 1, 2011

Today’s issue is brought to you by AIS’s Health Reform Week, the nation’s leading publication on the business implications of the massive changes for the health industry mandated by reform.

Today's Featured Story

Pediatricians Fear Revenue Loss As Preventive Copays Get Waived
Reprinted from AIS’s Health Reform Week

Pediatricians are worried they could lose revenue with copayments being waived for preventive services under the federal health reform law, despite assurances to the contrary from national insurers, including CIGNA Corp. and Humana Inc. “We’ve informed the American Academy of Pediatrics that doctors will not lose revenue for preventive services because of the waiver of copayments for services,” CIGNA Corp. spokesperson Gwyn Dilday tells AIS .... Read Full Story


Quote of the Day

“Employing Kim Holland [recently the Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner] as lobbyist for the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association gives it an extremely valuable inside connection with other government regulators – a connection that is usually extremely expensive and only affordable to the wealthiest of business interests.”

— Craig Holman, Ph.D., a government affairs lobbyist at the consumer watchdog group Public Citizen.

Click here to read the HEALTH PLAN WEEK article in which this quote appeared. (Free for HPW subscribers; $17 for non-subscribers).


Today's Datapoint

$3,459 … per patient in Miami-Dade County was paid in 2009 by Medicare for outpatient therapy services, three times more than the national average of $1,078.



Today from Washington

People on the Move

Cohera Medical Inc. appointed Mart Pearson vice president - European region. Pearson was vice president of international at Salient Surgical Technologies Inc....HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. named Nick Hart president. Following HemCon's acquisition of Alltracel Pharmaceuticals in 2008, Hart was that company's chief financial officer.


Today's Featured Health Business Job Opening

Spartanburg Regional - Regional HealthPlus
Medical Management Coordinator
Spartanburg, S.C.

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