Jan. 5, 2011

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Today's Featured Story

The Leading States for Managed Medicaid Growth Are in the South
Reprinted from Medicare Advantage News

The best opportunities for Medicaid managed care growth resulting from the reform law’s Medicaid expansion in the 2014 to 2019 period are in the South, West and Midwest, according to a new study by Conning Research & Consulting. And the individual states that offer the most potential, the study finds, are California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia .... Read Full Story


Quote of the Day

“Having pioneered the [Health Information Exchange] space, I can tell you no one wanted health plans at the table…and I don’t think it’s much different now.” With their recent HIE acquisitions, UnitedHealth and Aetna “are making a very bold bet that they will be able to reposition themselves as trusted intermediaries. It’s a bit of a risky bet. I think health plans will need to demonstrate that they can wall off the clinical data, and convince providers that they are not going to use it for negotiating or rate setting or coverage denials.”

— David Brailer, M.D., Ph.D., former National HIT Coordinator and now chairman of San Francisco-based Health Evolution Partners, told AIS’s Health Plan Week.

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Today's Datapoint

40%…of uninsured people who would be eligible to receive a health coverage subsidy in 2014 had a chronic health condition or reported their health as fair or poor, according to a new study by the Center for Studying Health System Change.

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People on the Move

The Association of Health Information Outsourcing Services appointed Richard Logan executive director. A 40-year industry veteran and co-founder of AHIOS, Logan was also the founder, president and CEO of Medical Record Associates, Inc....US Oncology, Inc. named Karen Gibson senior vice president and chief information officer of its technology services. Gibson was chief technology officer at Mattel, Inc.


Today's Featured Health Business Job Opening

Blue Care Network of Michigan
Regional Medical Director
Grand Rapids, Cascade, MI

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