Dec. 21 , 2010

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Part D Reform Provisions Are Likely to Survive Any Republican Overhaul

Although the general consensus seems to be that Republicans will attempt to dismantle parts of the health reform law with the gains they made in the November midterm elections, health care experts predict that the Part D provisions are unlikely to be affected.... Read Full Story


Quote of the Day

“Frankly, we were shocked at the results of this poll [by MDLinx, which revealed that oncologists are taking patient finances into account when planning cancer treatment regimens]. For 20 years mortality rates for most cancers have been steadily and substantially falling. For many, the advances in diagnosis and treatment have transitioned cancer from a disease you die from, to a disease you live with. But what will be the impact if patients are unable to continue their treatments? The trend spotlighted by this poll sounds alarm for our health care system.”

— Stephen Smith, chief marketing officer for M3 USA, which owns MDLinx, told AIS’s SPECIALTY PHARMACY NEWS.

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Today's Datapoint

15%... of an accountable care organization’s premium or capitation equivalent is likely to be spent on administrative services needed by the ACO’s management team, according to Tom Enders, managing director of CSC Healthcare Group, who coauthored a new CSC white paper on ACOs.

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People on the Move

Beryl, a technology-focused patient experience services company, named Dennis Nasto vice president of corporate development for its Patient Experience Group. Nasto was the principal consultant for Nasto Professional Services.…Eliza Corp., a medical technology company, appointed Marc Jeffreys senior vice president of consumer markets. Jeffreys was as a director and head of marketing strategy in the Direct Marketing and Analytics division of Aetna Inc.


Today's Featured Health Business Job Opening

Optimetra, Inc.
Healthcare Proposal Development Specialists (Contract)

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