From Report on Patient Privacy - When the Indiana Court of Appeals released its decision upholding the $1.44 million jury verdict against Walgreens for privacy violations by an employee pharmacist, the press and blogosphere started buzzing about the precedent it was setting — an employer could be held liable for the HIPAA violations of an employee. This was the view espoused by the plaintiff’s attorney, Neal F. Eggeson, in a statement to the Indianapolis Star on Friday, Nov. 14, the date of the decision. Read more

From Report on Medicare Compliance - Medicare will start paying physician practices for chronic care management on Jan. 1, and has carved out an exception to the direct supervision requirement for incident-to billing, which is often a compliance quagmire, to encourage the effective use of the services, according to the 2015 Medicare physician fee schedule regulation published on Nov. 13. There are strings attached, however, including the documentation of a care plan for patients with two… Read more

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By AIS Staff - July 15, 2014
The scandal at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that has so outraged the nation over veterans’ access to medical care also has pointed the spotlight on whistleblowers and a covered entity’s compliance with whistleblower protection laws. This month’s issue of Report on Patient Privacy (RPP)...
By AIS Staff - June 16, 2014
Let’s say, for whatever reason, you wanted an electronic copy of your medical records. You have a right to them, by law, except that’s not what’s happening at many HIPAA covered entities. For its June issue, Report on Patient Privacy (RPP) took a look at the websites of several prominent health...
By Nina Youngstrom - March 10, 2014
Two recovery audit contractors have a bone to pick with some of the changes planned by CMS for the next round of the five-year RAC contracts and have filed “pre-award” protests with the Government Accountability Office (GAO), Emily Evans, a partner in Obsidian Research Group in Nashville, said at a...

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