From Report on Medicare Compliance - Board members are increasingly entering the compliance fray, and five years from now compliance will have the same level of board oversight as the organization’s finances, a former federal prosecutor says. As regulators, prosecutors, stockholders and other stakeholders demand more from boards, they are asking management, including compliance officers, for more evidence that the compliance program is accomplishing its goals instead of merely rubber-stamping reports. Read more

From Report on Medicare Compliance - Some suppliers have lost their Medicare provider numbers because they were out of the office when state surveyors came by unannounced during business hours. It’s a reflection of CMS’s crackdown on enrollment fraud, but this type of problem could also result when suppliers, including physicians, step out of their office briefly or close for religious holidays, says attorney Richelle Beckman Marting, who is with the Forbes Law Group in Overland… Read more

Compliance Blog

By AIS Staff - July 15, 2014
The scandal at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that has so outraged the nation over veterans’ access to medical care also has pointed the spotlight on whistleblowers and a covered entity’s compliance with whistleblower protection laws. This month’s issue of Report on Patient Privacy (RPP)...
By AIS Staff - June 16, 2014
Let’s say, for whatever reason, you wanted an electronic copy of your medical records. You have a right to them, by law, except that’s not what’s happening at many HIPAA covered entities. For its June issue, Report on Patient Privacy (RPP) took a look at the websites of several prominent health...
By Nina Youngstrom - March 10, 2014
Two recovery audit contractors have a bone to pick with some of the changes planned by CMS for the next round of the five-year RAC contracts and have filed “pre-award” protests with the Government Accountability Office (GAO), Emily Evans, a partner in Obsidian Research Group in Nashville, said at a...

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