From Report on Medicare Compliance - Wyoming surgeon Razi Saydjari passed his meaningful-use audit with flying colors except when it came to the security risk assessment. He flunked that, according to the auditors hired by CMS to audit physicians and hospitals that had accepted payments to adopt certified electronic health records (EHRs). If they are out of compliance with any of the dozen or so core measures, CMS takes back the entire EHR incentive payment for the audit period. Read more

From Report on Medicare Compliance - The backwater of ICD-9 procedure coding is a busy city in ICD-10, and it’s causing some hospitals to assign cases to inaccurate MS-DRGs. If coders make even one false move in the complex process of selecting an ICD-10-PCS procedure code, the hospital assigns the case to an MS-DRG that yields too much or too little reimbursement, and incomplete data is recorded for pay for performance programs and other quality metrics. Read more

Compliance Blog

By Lauren Clason - April 22, 2016
While they may not fall under the HIPAA umbrella (yet), the privacy of biometric and other health data captured by the influx of new apps and wearable gadgets is a source of concern among consumers and regulators alike. The rapid evolution of health IT means it’s only a matter of time before they...
By Lauren Clason - March 15, 2016
The answer is maybe not, according to a study released on March 10 by Advisen Ltd. and sponsored by ID Experts Corp. Most cyber insurance seems to be designed as a bumper guard for major breaches, while the “vast majority” of data breaches are relatively small, falling well below the average...
By Nina Youngstrom - March 4, 2016
Even though they are supposed to be excluded, inpatient-only procedures continue to be included in short-stay hospital reviews by quality improvement organizations (QIOs), experts say. It’s driving hospitals crazy because even the language tells you it makes no sense: The phrase guaranteeing Part A...

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