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Market Your Products and Services to Influential Health Care Decision Makers

Contact Sales Director Bailey Sterrett to discuss the advantages of AIS’s various advertising opportunities and determine which is best for the type of product or service you wish to market. Bailey may be reached at (202) 775-9008 x3034 or

AIS’s Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

Top managers throughout the health care industry rely on AIS’s electronic and print products and services for their important management decisions, regulatory strategies and business solutions:

  • Health plans
  • Hospitals, health systems, medical groups and other providers
  • Pharma companies and PBMs
  • Agents, brokers and vendors
  • Employee benefit departments

… and their advisers in legal, consulting, actuarial and investment firms.

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Please review these advertising channels that exist for driving your organization’s products and services to this large and influential sector of health care decision makers.

Broadcast a Custom E-Mail Blast

Feature your organization’s products and services in a custom email or press release transmitted directly to a list of 23,000 active AIS buyers and readers. No other advertisements or editorial content is included in this email promotion to guarantee that nothing competes with your message.


  • Associations/Government: 3%
  • Consulting Firms: 8%
  • Health Plan/Insurers: 29%
  • Health Systems/Hospitals: 23%
  • Pharmaceutical Market: 16%
  • Physician Groups/Ancillary Providers: 8%
  • Research/Education: 7%
  • Technology Products/Other Vendors: 7%

Cost: $3,500

For more information, or to schedule your email blast, contact Bailey Sterrett at (202) 775-9008 x3034 or

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Sponsor an AIS E-Newsletter

Advertise your organization’s products and services in a sidebar graphic or text ad in one or all of AIS’s widely read free e-newsletters.

AIS’s Health Business Daily, delivered daily via email and posted on, contains strategic business stories and includes “People on the Move” — to help you stay on top of corporate leadership changes in the health care industry; as well as quick-and-easy news bites of interest to health care business leaders. 19,781 Subscribers*

Government News of the Week, broadcast on Mondays and posted on, includes 10-15 timely news stories from Washington, D.C., and the 50 state capitals. Articles are selected for their impact on health plans, hospitals and health systems, medical group practices, pharma companies and PBMs, and employee benefit departments around the United States. 15,805 Subscribers*

Spotlight on Health Insurers, broadcast on Thursdays and posted on, is a weekly review of news from the nation's leading health insurers, including coverage of exchanges, ACOs, health business news, provider contracting and personnel changes. 16,343 Subscribers*

*Surveys indicate that subscribers forward AIS e-newsletters to an additional 4-5 people not included in numbers above.


  • AIS’s Health Business Daily

    • Associations/Government: 4%
    • Consulting Firms: 12%
    • Health Plan/Insurers: 29%
    • Health Systems/Hospitals: 19%
    • Pharmaceutical Market: 11%
    • Physician Groups/Ancillary Providers: 7%
    • Research/Education: 3%
    • Technology Products/Other Vendors: 15%
  • Government News of the Week

    • Associations/Government: 4%
    • Consulting Firms: 9%
    • Health Plan/Insurers: 42%
    • Health Systems/Hospitals: 17%
    • Pharmaceutical Market: 9%
    • Physician Groups/Ancillary Providers: 6%
    • Research/Education: 3%
    • Technology Products/Other Vendors: 10%
  • Spotlight on Health Insurers

    • Associations/Government: 3%
    • Consulting Firms: 9%
    • Health Plans/Insurers: 56%
    • Health Systems/Hospitals: 8%
    • Pharmaceutical Market: 8%
    • Physician Groups: 4%
    • Research/Education: 2%
    • Technology Products/Other Vendors: 10%
AIS’s Health Business Daily
(sidebar graphic or text ads / published daily)
Weekly (5 issues)
Space 1
Space 2
Space 3
Government News of the Week and Spotlight on Health Insurers
(sidebar graphic or text ads / published weekly)
Space 1
Space 2
Space 3

Please click on the titles above to review recent issues of widely read AIS e-newsletters. For more information, or to schedule your ad, contact Bailey Sterrett at (202) 775-9008 x3034 or

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Advertise on

Tens of thousands of health industry decision makers rely on for timely news, data and strategic information … updated every business day, all day long. Five content-rich channels on the site — Health Plan Business, Health Reform, Medicare Advantage and Part D, Pharmacy Benefit Management and Compliance — are popular destinations that help generate more than 80,000 page views per month. Traffic at will give your products and services tremendous access to health business leaders.


Two-Thirds Width Banner Advertisement
Banner ad on home page and all succeeding pages (in rotation with a maximum of three total sponsors).

Monthly $5,000
Quarterly $12,500
Annually $40,000

Rectangular Banner Advertisement
Advertisement in right column showing on home page and all succeeding pages.

Space 1 $3,000
Space 2 $2,750
Space 3 $2,500
Space 1 $7,500
Space 2 $6,750
Space 3 $6,000
Space 1 $24,000
Space 2 $21,500
Space 3 $19,000

For more information, or to schedule your advertisement, contact Bailey Sterrett at (202) 775-9008 x3034 or

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Include Your Insert in AIS’s Premier Paid Subscription Newsletters

Include an insert for your products and services in the print and electronic editions of one or more of AIS’s industry-leading paid subscription newsletters.

AIS is the nation’s foremost publisher of targeted news, data and strategic information for health care business managers. After 25 years of highly acclaimed publishing in 10 niche markets within health business, its periodicals have a tremendous following due to the unique enterprising stories by more than a dozen highly experienced on-staff health writers.

With sales prices ranging from $400 to $650 annually and superlative renewal rates, AIS paid subscription newsletters are terrific vehicles for getting the attention of excellent sales prospects for your organization’s products and services.

Nine Different Niche Areas to Choose From
Please click on the titles below to review product descriptions and sample issues:
 Total Readership
ACO Business News
The AIS Report on BCBS Plans*
Drug Benefit News
Health Plan Week
Inside Health Insurance Exchanges
Medicare Advantage News
Report on Medicare Compliance
Report on Patient Privacy
Specialty Pharmacy News
*Published independently by AIS. Not affiliated with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association or its member companies.   

What would your organization do?
Provide AIS with the PDF and printed materials for an 8½” x 11” insert that describes your products and services.

What would AIS do?
Include your insert in (1) the envelope that carries the AIS newsletter(s) by first-class USPS mail, and (2) the PDF of the newsletter that is emailed to subscribers on the date of publication.

Cost: $2,500 (with discounts for multiple newsletters and/or multiple insertions)

For more information (including specs for the insert), or to schedule your advertisement, please contact Bailey Sterrett at (202) 775-9008 x3034 or

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Publicize Your Organization’s Services, Case Study or Survey Results With an AIS Webinar

If your organization has recently committed substantial time and resources to a project that produced results you’d like to share with business leaders throughout health care, there is no better way to publicize your efforts than sponsoring an AIS webinar, in which —

  • 300-500 industry decision makers with an interest in the topic will register to attend your presentation, and
  • Tens of thousands more will receive repeated webinar marketing materials that trumpet your organization’s efforts.

What would AIS do?

  1. Help you mold your recent efforts into an effective webinar program.
  2. Design and disseminate all web, print and email marketing materials (including a minimum of three e-blasts to 25,000 AIS customers).
  3. Provide all necessary customer service support and vendor interface.
  4. Have a knowledgeable AIS editor organize your speakers and moderate the program.
  5. Provide experienced “game-day” support to handle all back-end issues.
  6. Provide you with contact information on individuals registered for the meeting.

What would your organization do?
Just let us know the topic for the meeting, which of your experts would like to speak at the 30- to 45-minute webinar (plus 15-30 minutes reserved for Q&A), and what materials you’d like to disseminate to webinar attendees. We’ll do the rest!

Cost: $10,850

Contact BJ Taylor at (202) 775-9008 x3067 or for more information or to schedule your webinar.

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