Featured in Health Business Daily, Dec. 2, 2010

Most employers will keep offering insurance under the reform law

Reprinted from AIS's HEALTH REFORM WEEK, the nation’s leading publication on the business implications of the massive changes for the health industry mandated by reform.

November 15, 2010Volume 1Issue 22

Most employers will keep offering insurance under the reform law, even after state-run insurance exchanges become operational in 2014 and make it easier for individuals to buy coverage, according to a survey released Nov. 9 by consulting firm Mercer. Employers under the new reform law are encouraged to offer coverage but can choose not to and, starting in 2014, pay a penalty that may be less than what they now spend on health benefits. The survey found that only 6% of all employers with 500 or more employees and just 3% of those with 10,000 or more say they are likely to terminate their health plans and have employees seek coverage in the individual market after 2014. To access the survey, visit www.mercer.com/press-releases/1399495.

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