Featured in Health Business Daily, Dec. 14, 2010

Walgreens-Nativus refill partnership yields $3.3 million in savings

Reprinted from DRUG BENEFIT NEWS, biweekly news, proven cost management strategies and unique data for health plans, PBMs, pharma companies and employers.

December 3, 2010Volume 11Issue 23

A partnership between Walgreen Co. and Navitus Health Solutions, LLC, on 90-day prescription refills has yielded $3.3 million in savings over the course of its first seven months, Walgreens said. Dubbed 90-Day at Retail, the sales program gives 1 million Navitus enrollees access to lower priced 90-day refills at Walgreens’ national network of more than 7,800 pharmacies. Launched in February, the Walgreens’ 90-Day at Retail option achieved a penetration rate of 67 % while driving the generic dispensing rate up an estimated 6% to 11%. The collaboration is merely the latest example of Walgreens leveraging its retail pharmacy network to form partnerships with competitors. Contact Walgreens through Dan Zacchei at dzacchei@sloanepr.com or Navitus through Josh Merkin at (305) 446-2700.

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